Barents Art Triennale, Kirkenes, Norway

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Rajamailla is showing as part of the Barents Art Triennale in Kirkenes, Norway. The exhibition features Maja Bajevic & Emanuel Licha, Ursula Biemann and Angela Sanders, Isaac Julien, Roman Ondak, Minna Rainio & Mark Roberts, Oliver Ressler & Martin Krenn and Stephen Willats. Curator: Jan-Erik Lundstøm. Exhibits from the community project of Laura Anderson Barbata, Geir Tore Holm, Marja Helander, Lena Stenberg. 

29.8 - 30.9.2005 Border Dialogues - Barents Art Triennale, Kirkens (Pikene på Broen)

Border Dialogues – The Barents Art Triennial, is an international art project, which aims to mediate and explore questions and responses, experiences and feelings related to the concept of borders. The project is organised in different phases with activities such as exhibitions, community projects, texts, talks, travels, workshops and events or festivals, held in different places throughout the period of mid 2005 to mid 2006.

Kirkenes is located in the northeast of Norway on the border between Finland and Russia, in the Barents Region. The Barents Region includes the northernmost countries of Sweden, Finland and Norway and Northwest of Russia. Within this region there are a huge amount of structures, languages and cultures.The project aims to bring to light knowledge about borders and boundaries, with international art as a source, to people in the Barents region. At the same time, the project also aims to connect the particular context of the Barents region and its artists to other artists, places and contexts outside the region.


Taking an international art focus to focus on border issues and to discuss the theme of "indigenous people, national states and borders”, the triennial aimed to expose and make visible the physical, social and mental structures that define movements and thoughts of people. It studied different art strategies as well as the possible shape of a Barents Triennial. It consisted of art exhibitions, journeys, events, community art, artistic research, an environmental art workshop and a seminar, held in different places throughout the period of mid 2005 to mid 2006.

The history of the borders of this area, consequences of the nation building and indigenous peoples’ history, were important backdrops for this project. Through the project, organisers connected four places with similar histories on each side of the borders – Kirkenes (NO) and Murmansk (RU), the villages Neiden (NO) and Lovozero (RU). By inviting artists to work in the communities ahead of the opening event, organisers encouraged dialogues between the artists and people locally. The audience was introduced to excerpts from different dialogues, visually or verbally expressed. Interesting exhibitions reflecting the topics were on display.

An explosive sound event took place in Murmansk, with the most interesting electronic musicians from Murmansk, Mombus and Test Pressing, together with ADD from Petrozavodsk and the Vienna-based artists Franz Pomassl and Anna Ceeh.

The exhibition Next Door in Kirkenes consisted of seven projects and presentations of artistic practices that engaged, narrated and explored issues of transgression, exile, migration, community and self, all performed and enacted through the presence of real and imaginary borders.