One Thousand Words, Valo Gallery, Rovaniemi

Added on by Mark Roberts.

“A picture is worth a thousand words” Minna Rainio’s and Mark Roberts’ joint exhibition explores the relationships between images and texts – the areas where words and images mix, interact and create new meanings. 

Minna Rainio’s series “Subtitled Scenes” is part of an ongoing process in which she films scenes from her everyday life. These moments might be seemingly insignificant and ordinary, yet they are also extraordinary and form the pattern of a life. During these ordinary moments when nothing much happens, we are thinking and trying to make sense of our lives, the world and our place in it. 

The work consists of a series of film-stills that she has taken from the films and to which she has added subtitles. The subtitles allow her to look at her experience from outside, as if a “foreigner” to herself. The relationship between the subtitle and the image also reflects the connection between experience and articulation, and the space between emotion and language. 

Mark Roberts also explores the connections between the image and language (or text). For Roberts, the photograph is a language much as any other: "From an early age we are continually exposed to images. We learn to read their codes, understand their meanings, and when we pick up a camera we begin to speak their language.”

Roberts’ works for the exhibition explore this concept of the image as language. Using several different textual methods he disturbs the familiarity of the image, and challenges the viewer’s relationship with the photograph. His works are an attempt to ‘read between the lines’ of the image, suggesting that although we might speak the language of the photograph, we don’t necessarily always understand what is being said.

tuhat sanaa - one thousand words Galleria Valo, Rovaniemi, Finland 4.4. - 20.4.06