Talvimaa - Winterland: Finnish Photography Triennale

Added on by Mark Roberts.

Angles of Incidence will receive its premiere and be exhibited as part of the fifth Finnish Photography Triennale at Salo Art Museum, 3.11.2006 - 7.1.2007.  

The fifth Finnish Photography Triennial is organized in co-operation by the Union of Artist Photographers together with the Salo Art Museum and will be open from November 3rd 2006 to January 7th 2007 at Salo Art Museum. The show is curated by Raakel Kuukka, photographic artist, who has selected 17 artists to show at the triennial.

The main themes of The fifth Finnish Photography Triennial are the human being and the community. The title of the exhibition, Talvimaa - Winterland, is a geographically undefined area in the Northern hemisphere, but it is also a state of mind that can be interpreted and that in turn affects our interpretations. Semantically speaking, the title embraces at the same time borders and the lack of them, while looking also at the notions of local and global. The artists participating in the show reform, expand and question the associations triggered by the title.

The exhibition is a proof of the diversity of the working methods of contemporary photographers. The works reflect the broad range of stylistic choices of the photographers, from realism to surrealism, giving fresh life to the stereotypes of landscape and portrait photography. The variety of media employed by the photographic artists today, made it natural to include also video works in the show.

The artists included in the triennial are: Pasi Autio, Ilkka Halso, Martti Jämsä, Janne Lehtinen, Jouko Lehtola, Susanna Majuri, Aada Niilola, Hannu Pakarinen, Marja Pirilä & Petri Nuutinen, Minna Rainio & Mark Roberts, Catarina Ryöppy, Sanna Sarva, Marjukka Vainio, Hanna Weselius and Maria Ylikoski.

A catalogue of the show, both in Finnish and English, will be published in co-operation with publishing house Musta Taide. The catalogue, with its artist presentations, and articles by the photographer Hanna Weselius, museum director Laura Luostarinen and curator Raakel Kuukka, will be an up-to-date overview of Finnish contemporary photography at its best. Graphic desingner Anne-Mari Ahonen is responsible for the layout of the catalogue and other printed materials.

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- INFORMATION Curator Raakel Kuukka,  Union of Artist Photographers, Kalevankatu 18 B FI-00100 Helsinki, e-mail: photo@artists.fi

INFORMATION Museum director Laura Luostarinen, Salo Art Museum Veturitalli, Mariankatu 14, FI-24240 Salo,  Opening hours: Tue-Fri 10-18, Sat 11-17, Sun 11-18. Admission 3 e, pensioners 2 e, students 1 e, children under 18 free. www.salontaidemuseo.fi.