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Minna Rainio's Doctoral Thesis Published

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Minna Rainio's doctoral thesis, The Shadowy Rooms of Globalization, has been published and is available to buy from the University of Lapland library, or online (

A downloadable .pdf version is also available here.

The text is in Finnish, but there is a lengthy English Summary at the end.

If you could see me now

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If you could see me now is a trilogy of multi-screen DVD video installations by Minna Rainio and Mark Roberts.  The series is comprised of the works Rajamailla (Borderlands) (2004), Angles of Incidence (2006) and Eight Rooms (2008). THe three works explore how different groups of people experience their changing social positions and relations, and focus on people who exist at the margins of society – margins which might be either physical (geographical) or social. Each of the works also deals with the transformations experienced when passing from one place, time or set of circumstances to another.

Rajamailla (Borderlands) Three-screen synchonised DVD installation, 24 minutes

Rajamaiila is a DVD installation which takes the Finnish-Russian border as its central theme. The film focuses on the lives of people living on both sides of the border, using fact, fiction and fantasy to investigate how the presence of the border affects their lives.

The film is presented on three-screens - the left screen shows scenes from Finland, the right screen shows scenes from Russia, while the central screen shows scenes from the border cut between the two countries. The images from Finland and Russia have been photographed in villages and areas which lie very close to the border.

Eight Rooms Eight-screen synchronised DVD installation. 20 minutes

'Eight Rooms' is an installation consisting of eight video projections that deals with the trafficking of women into Finland. The eight screens are arranged to form a circle around the audience. The audio soundtrack for each screen features one story - one aspect or point of view – detailing the experiences of a trafficked woman. Each story is associated with a different screen. Each screen depicts a bed in a room. The beds are initially untidy. As the story begins, a cleaning woman enters the room and begins to tidy the room. When the room has been tidied, she leaves the room (and the screen) and enters the next room on the adjacent screen. Occasionally, the images on the screens are interrupted with other footage supporting the dialogue. As the cleaner moves from screen to screen, the tidied rooms behind the audience become untidy again, so that by the time the cleaner has made a full circuit around the installation, the first room is once again untidy and in need of cleaning.

Angles of Incidence Three-screen DVD installation. 15 minutes

Angels of Incidence deals with the experiences of immigrants moving to other countries. The work is comprised of three video scenes photographed in three separate locations – an immigration interview room, an immigration detention centre, and an administration building where decisions concerning the immigrant’s future are made.

Each of the spaces photographed for Angles of Incidence are spaces of power – situations which the immigrant must pass through in order to enter and be legally accepted in his or her new society. The video material consists of static ‘photographic’ shots – there is only one long shot of each space. No people are visible in the spaces, rendering the spaces, and their significance, all the more powerful.

Each image is accompanied by audio interviews with immigrants detailing their experiences in each of the specific locations. Their stories complement and contrast with the stark images.

PANG: Public Art Northern Genre

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Rainio & Roberts will be participating in PANG, a public art event in Rovaniemi, Finland.

During the summer 2004, as part of the Folklore Festival Jutajaiset, an environmental and community art event is organized in Rovaniemi, Finland. The colourful history of Rovaniemi city will be the basis of this site specific and process oriented happening. The works will be presented to the public and the opening will take place on the 30th of June 2004.    

The purpose is to find new ways to confront the city, and see how the natural and urban environments meet. As a result, art will be produced to town residents without boundaries, which will encourage the citizens to feel safer and more satisfied with their surroundings. Even the image of the city might change in the process.

The art works of PANG will be prepared and/or constructed together with a selected group of artists and different associations and groups from Rovaniemi. The works will be produced by traditional methods, new media and by means of community art such as performances, art activism, sound and light all over the city. Some works of art are momentary for the time of Jutajaiset-festival only.

Disposable Histories Rainio & Roberts At second hand store Revontuli, Koskikatu 27 from 30th of June to 14th of July, mon-fri 10am - 5pm, sat 10am - 2pm.

In a sense,  the second hand store is a museum - a historical repository of a different kind. It contains objects and memories that have been disposed of, but nonetheless these objects and memories are a part of the place. The installation takes some of these discarded objects which were once owned by different people, and combines them to form a new collection. In this way, the installations combine objects from Rovaniemi, and as such they tell something about the place. Each of these objects had a history which was considered disposable - a history, in other words, with a price attached. However the installations take these items and create a new history.

Into each installation they will place one or more items of their own, thus contributing part of their own history to the work. Their own contributions might be items they wish to discard, or a photograph produced specifically for the installation.