Entangled illuminates our complicity and entanglement in the lives and destinies of workers in Asia’s textile factories. The film examines the issue from an unusual angle, using the lens of children’s clothes and experiences to make viewers uncomfortably aware of the price paid to manufacture their clothes.

Taking a personal approach, the filmmakers counted how many of their 5-year old daughter's clothes had been manufactured in Asian countries, and found that most of them had been made in Bangladesh. Part of the film's imagery consists of close-ups of their daughter's clothes - the materials, the seams, the stitches - at times so close that familiar becomes strange, and yet emphasizes a haptic visuality through a visceral sense of material.

The audio narration of the film consists of dramatized stories in which the children of women who work in the textile factories describe their lives, hopes, and dreams. Their simple needs and human desires are contrasted dramatically with scenes from a child's life in Europe.

The script is based on the Swedwatch report 44 Children with parents working in a textile industry dream of a better life, and the Swedwatch/Finnwatch report A Lost Revolution.

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single-screen hd video


written, directed, photographed & edited  by
minna rainio & mark roberts

minna rainio

sound design
mark roberts