How Everything Turns Away
Three-channel moving image installation

How Everything Turns Away surrounds the viewer with panoramic seascapes filmed in Finland, Norway, and the Mediterranean. 

The seascapes at first glance appear to be calming, beautiful and even meditative, but soon reveal a different kind of truth. The ocean is not as innocent as it seems. As something that both connects and divides us, it cannot be said to be empty; today, it is increasingly a site of power, and the location of political, cultural and historical change.

The installation highlights the roles of the ocean as an indicator of climate change, the location of arctic drilling, of rising sea levels, as well as a
site of struggle – and all too often a final resting place – for thousands of refugees attempting to cross the Mediterranean to seek a better life in Europe.

The soundtrack of the work by The Caretaker emphasises the viewer's role as a global spectator, quite leisurely observing the events taking place around them. However, the beautiful and sometimes calming seascapes are challenged by texts that appear, wave-like, in front the images. The texts — extracts from scientific reports from ICPP, IPSO, UNHCR — point out the devastating effects of climate change on the oceans, marine biology, diversity, and fishing, revealing the ocean to be a site of struggle between globalization, the effects of climate change, and the refugee crisis.



How Everything Turns Away, 2014

three-screen synchronised
moving image installation

written, directed and edited by
Minna Rainio & Mark Roberts

music by
 The Caretaker

funded by
arts promotion center of finland