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From review of Bodies, Borders, Crossings: Photography and Video Art from Finland:

The centerpiece of the exhibition is Minna Rainio’s and Mark Roberts installation, Eight Rooms (2008), which comprises of a spoken word narrative over videos appearing on eight screens circling the viewer, each screen showing a view of some humble hostel bedroom, each in different states of cleanliness or disarray.  A cleaning woman appears in one “room,” coming in and making the bed, smoothing out the blue blanket, fluffing the pillows, closing the windows.  As the video progresses she appears in the different screens, while some of the others then suddenly appear slept in, mussed up, in a nod to Mierle Laderman Ukeles: the endless cycle of maintenance.  The video installation is not, however, what it seems at first—as you watch the cleaning lady patiently rearranging the rooms the subject of the narrative sound element becomes clearer; the speaker is talking about the experiences of women who have been trafficked across borders for prostitution—the drudgery of woman’s work, indeed.  The layers of meaning and the slow reveal of this installation evoke an intensely emotional response. It’s a powerful work of art, one I won't forget soon.
--Natalie Hegert